Friday, February 28, 2014

Don't You Dare Honk Your Horn At Me!

Some people seriously amaze me. So, I'm driving in this parking garage the other day. I get up to the 2nd level and slow down because the car in front of me is going very slowly. Most of the spots close to the stairs are taken, but I see a few ahead of us that are open. Great. Well, this girl slowly drives a few cars past an open spot, but one car in front of another open spot. Get the picture? She stops and turns her reverse lights on. My initial thought is "Why does she need to back up to get to that spot in front of her?" So I proceed to the spot she passed up. She immediately begins honking her horn.  Is this girl crazy? I continue to pull into the spot. She still has her lights on and is STILL honking as I put the car in park. REALLY?!?! I take a few minutes to gather all my stuff in my car and I just happen to glance out the back window as she is walking past my car, shaking her head. If it wasn't for a talk in church the day before, I would have said something to her.

This girl is cray cray. Luckily she was still parked there when I got off work. Luckily she hadn't keyed my car while I was gone. This picture shows my car on the far right (red Honda) and her car right next to that pillar that says 2. THREE spots is enough to make her lay on her horn in frustration. What is this world coming to? Can we not handle walking an extra few feet? Sometimes I park far away, because I don't want to deal with congestion closer to a store. I'd rather walk.

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