Friday, February 28, 2014

Don't You Dare Honk Your Horn At Me!

Some people seriously amaze me. So, I'm driving in this parking garage the other day. I get up to the 2nd level and slow down because the car in front of me is going very slowly. Most of the spots close to the stairs are taken, but I see a few ahead of us that are open. Great. Well, this girl slowly drives a few cars past an open spot, but one car in front of another open spot. Get the picture? She stops and turns her reverse lights on. My initial thought is "Why does she need to back up to get to that spot in front of her?" So I proceed to the spot she passed up. She immediately begins honking her horn.  Is this girl crazy? I continue to pull into the spot. She still has her lights on and is STILL honking as I put the car in park. REALLY?!?! I take a few minutes to gather all my stuff in my car and I just happen to glance out the back window as she is walking past my car, shaking her head. If it wasn't for a talk in church the day before, I would have said something to her.

This girl is cray cray. Luckily she was still parked there when I got off work. Luckily she hadn't keyed my car while I was gone. This picture shows my car on the far right (red Honda) and her car right next to that pillar that says 2. THREE spots is enough to make her lay on her horn in frustration. What is this world coming to? Can we not handle walking an extra few feet? Sometimes I park far away, because I don't want to deal with congestion closer to a store. I'd rather walk.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Congrats Jr!

I was so excited to watch Jr. win the Daytona 500 a few days ago! It was a great finish. Very tense in the last 30 minutes! Too bad for Jake, it was 2 years too late! 

Next week is Kenseth's turn. I can't wait to see the race here in Vegas!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Red Light/Green Light

Update: I live in Vegas now. I don't work for Southwest. Boom. Huge life changes.

Ok, on to more important things...

Today, on my way to church, the greatest thing happened. I pulled up to an intersection (yeah, I drive my car now. Not happy about it... where's the mass transit train in Las Vegas?!?!) and the light was red. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a car to the left of me in the left turn lane. I'm watching the light, and see that the left turn signal turns green, but not mine. Cool. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... Why is that car not going?? I look over to see. Oh, don't worry, he's staring at me. Left hand up on the wheel, right shoulder leaning down. He's acting all cool, trying to put out the vibe. So what do I do? I turn my head and point my arm towards his green light so he realizing that he's wasting his time. He hurries up and gets through the intersection just as the light is turning red.

Smooth move. But hey, you made my day/week/month. I got a great laugh.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ten (Minus Two) Tidbits for Tuesday

1. I cried the night before Allie and Dave drove away. We went to a new place, Noble Rot. Tim Gunn went there when he visited a contestant on project runway. So since then we have been meaning to go. So we went on the last night they were here. And then I cried. I'm such a disaster.

2. In October I worked barely any hours. And I made up for it last week by working 90 hours in 8 days straight. LOTS of time and half and double time. I will enjoy my paycheck on Thursday!

3. I got a new bed frame from Dave and Allie when they moved. I had just been using I guess it's called a Hollywood frame. But they didn't want to move the frame they had in their house so I snatched it right up. It has posts that would be prefect for hanging hoodies, jackets and other crap that builds up. So it has been my goal to leave those clean. It's been about 2 weeks and they have not been touched. Pretty proud of myself.

4. I sold my iPhone on eBay and now I am itching to sell more. Fall semester of my freshman year, I spent all my savings on eBay purchases. I loved the thrill of auctions ending. The bidding war was so much fun. So I bought a bunch of random things. I sold my phone today for almost $100 more than I expected, so I am happy about that!

5. I sold my phone because I am switching back to T mobile. I went with Sprint two years ago because I wanted to be able to use an iPhone that wasn't jail broken. But T mobile has iPhones now, so I have just been waiting for my contract to end to switch back. I got a great deal on cyber Monday yesterday. I was planning on getting the 32bg 5c for $199. But I was able to get the 5s 32gb for only $75 yesterday! What a steal! I'm pretty proud of myself.

6. Chocolate covered Oreos are back at Sugar Factory! I first had one when I went to Vegas about 2 years ago. I died, they were so good. I haven't been able to find one that compares. So I asked my brother a couple months later to bring some up when he flew from Vegas. When he went to the store, they said they were out and wouldn't be getting them back in.  So two weeks ago, I was in Vegas, walking through MGM and lo and behold I spotted a bin of chocolate covered Oreos at Sugar Factory. I asked the cashier if my brother was lying to me earlier when he told me they were out. She said no way, they were definitely out for a long time. She remembers that time because so many people were asking for them. I am soooo glad they are back!

7. I went to Vegas two weeks ago and didn't tell anyone (especially my brothers that live there). I had two nights for free at a casino hotel plus a free meal at one of their restaurants. I won it at my company Christmas party last year. A couple weeks ago I decided I should probably use it before it expires. I was mostly concerned about wasting a free meal. I didn't care much for the hotel stay. So I took a friend and we went down for the night. We just wanted to do our thing, so we didn't really tell anyone. We had a certificate for dinner at their sushi/Asian restaurant up to $150. And our bill came out to 149.18. That's how you do it!

 8. My Blazers are making me so happy right now! Last year was bad and I was expecting things to be a little better this season, but not much more than that. But they basically solidified themselves as the best team in the league by winning last nights game. They beat the best team in the East, the Pacers. And the Blazers are the best team in the West right now. The season is still young, so I don't want to get my hopes up. But I sure am enjoying this while it lasts! I have been to 4 games so far and I plan to go to plenty more!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

10 Tidbit Thursday

1. Last week, I went from my whopping 8 channels on my tv to about 4 that actually work. Up until last week, I could just plug the cable chord into the wall and get the basic channels. Comcast did some changes and now won't let me get that for free. So I'm on an antenna. Rabbit ears. Back to the 80's people. I just can't justify paying for cable when I can get most everything I watch for free online.

2. The only thing keeping me sane at work has left the building. She is moving to Chicago in a week and I am DEVASTATED! And that's probably an understatement. I don't know what I will do at work without her. I don't know what I will do in life without her.

3. This is all I worked last month:
A total of 9 days. That's a personal best for me. Luckily some of the non-work days were paid vacation and a whole week of paid sick time. So my paycheck didn't suffer too badly.

4. I didn't really want to go to the doctor 2 weeks ago when I was sick. I just had what was going around- a cold that just would not go away. And I didn't really feel like paying a copay to hear a doctor tell me. But because I was missing more than 3 days of work, I had to go get a note. And LUCKILY I did. I scored a prescription of some Robitussin with codeine.  Jackpot. That stuff is magical. I almost can't wait to get sick again, because I have the best thing to sleep through the night.

5. I spent a lot of time in doctors offices in September. I had killed my knee training for my half marathon in July. I stopped running after the race because of the pain. And it still wasn't going away 3/4 weeks later. It was excruciating most days at work. So I finally went to my doctor and had x rays done and crap. I was left with the option of physical therapy twice a week for 5 weeks. $$ So I did that. Bought a new type of running shoes (On sale!) And have run twice since then. It's getting too cold...

6. I finally got a haircut last month. Took me 13 months... That's the longest I have ever gone-time and length. I can't remember the last time my hair was this long. Maybe as a child. I usually keep it short, but I love the length right now. It's so easy to maintain.

7. I ran my first, and probably my last half marathon in July. It was my 3rd half that I had signed up for. But my first to actually complete. This time I had friends and coworkers also running, so I couldn't back out. It was a fun run, minus the first huge hill right at the very beginning of the race. We ran around a lake in Camas, WA and it was mostly beautiful scenery. I completed it not as quickly as I would have liked to. But hey, I did it.

8. Evan Spiegel is a genius. And I now love him even more for not selling out to Facebook. Snap chat is the quickest and easiest way to get a picture to one or multiple people. I use it all the time with friends. I used to feel a little dirty when opening the app in public because most people have decided that it's used only by teenage boys and girls to share naughty pics with each other. But then, at Shake Shack a few weeks ago, I overheard two men 60+ talking about it. It's super hip. Cutting edge. Today I got to send a picture of a bloody boarding pass to a mass group of people. Genius.

9. My CityTarget (only 6 blocks from my apartment!!!) stopped selling fresh chicken breasts and that makes me sad. It happened soon after the latest foster farms outbreak. Don't know if it was related to that. But it could also be because it just wasn't selling well. But that worked out for me. I would check the shelves a few days and week and could find it for half off when it would get too close to the expiration date. This plan worked well for me for a good few months. Now it's gone. I am actually quite disappointed.

10. I recently rediscovered my love for the movie Corrina, Corrina. "This little light of mine. I'm gonna let it shine..." "Do you taste like chocolate?" If you haven't seen it, you're missing out. Big time.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten Tidbit Tuesday


1. I found Project Runway on Hulu last week and that has consumed every ounce of free time these days. In fact, I am typing all this during the commercials. Speaking of commercials, I think that if I am paying for Hulu Plus, I should be able to watch my tv shows without commercials. I mean, what am I paying $8 a month for. I pay that much with Netflix, and that is commercial free. Someone at Hulu needs to fix this. 

2.  My hair is getting so long! I haven't had a hair cut since last September! I absolutely loooove getting my haircut, so the only reason why I haven't gone is because I decide that I'd rather spend that money on fun. But as I am looking at my split ends, I realize that maybe it's time to at least get a trim. I am really liking the long hair lately though. It's nice to be able to put it up in a ponytail, bangs and all. Plus I am so hip with my natural ombre look.

3. A few months ago, I thought I had arthritis in my left wrist. It had been killing me for awhile. Like one night I was carrying a platter for a few minutes and as soon as I set it down my wrist was in serious pain. I had to stretch it out for about 10 minutes before the pain went away. It was especially irritated at work, so I went to the work doctor and had to go through a few weeks of physical therapy twice a week. I am proud to report back that I do not have arthritis. I just had some sort of 'itis' in my elbow that was flaring up with overuse.

4. The main thing I miss from my trip to Boston this winter is the biscuits from Sweet Cheeks. They were the most delicious biscuits I have ever had. And they come with honey butter. YUMMMMM. I want to go back there ASAP just to eat those.

5. The greatest thing I ever learned from Jake is NASCAR is actually kinda cool. I skipped church a couple of weeks ago for the Daytona 500 (the Superbowl of NASCAR). I am extremely superstitious about baseball and such. And now it has bled into NASCAR. Matt Kenseth was in the lead for most of the race and then towards the end I left my apartment to finish watching it was with Jake. No more than 2 minutes after I left me apartment, Kenseth's car started smoking and he was done for. I blame it all on myself. :(

6. It's my birthday month and for my present to myself I am taking a trip around the country. Starting at Disneyland, then on to NYC and hopefully Atlanta and St. Louis.  I have 17 days off work. Lot's of extra time to go anywhere I want!

7. I kissed an Australian in February just to say that I did. He was here in town for about a month for work. He currently lives in Melbourne though. He fell madly in love with me from the minute he saw me (true story- took the words right out of his own mouth) And wanted to have a long distance relationship with me. In the space of about 6 days we went from not knowing each other to him professing his love. So obviously we made out. And then I said I hate long distance and goodbye. And now he's back down under. I have a little stuffed kangaroo to show for it.

8. Speaking of international, my best coworkers and I took a little road trip up to Canada in February. Probably one of the greatest trips ever. There's a difference between being great friends with someone and being able to travel with them. These people are both to me. It started raining as soon as we got up there so we did a little walking around but quickly headed back to the hotel for the hot tub, then played games. Eventually we went back out later, but I am sure we could have just stayed in all night. In a foreign city. Some people would have gone stir crazy to check out the city. We just enjoyed doing headstands all night. I can't wait for more trips to come with the 4 of us.

9. I was going to get in the fantasy sports craze this season with baseball. I told the commissioner of a league of guys from work that I was in. He actually needed extra people so he was excited for me to play. Plus all the guys at work appreciate my baseball knowledge. But when it came down to actually making the league, he left me out. So I am saving $50 and am now the assistant manager of Jake's team. After two weeks of paying attention to "my" team, I am convinced that fantasy sports is quite fun and I would love to do it next year.

10. I am horrible at blogging. I started this list in February. It is now April 16th. (Ty Turley Trejo's birthday) Last night I hung out with a friend and we both decided that I should get back into blogging. It will help me in my search for a new job. I need to show more experience in the social media world for a future employer. So, get ready blog world! Just call me Carrie Bradshaw. (I wish I had room for another tidbit... I have to talk about my most embarrassing obsession right now!)


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today Jake and I went on some errands after the Cardinals game. On one stop at the bank the teller asked him what he was up to today. Jake responded with one word - baseball. For the wild card game and games 1 and 2 of the NLDS I have been scheduled to work and have tried to get creative with asking people to pick up parts of my shifts, using half of vacations days, taking my lunch during the games... But I have the next 2 days off and I plan to do not much more than watch baseball all day and I couldn't be happier!

I am so excited my Cardinals are back in the postseason again this year! It's so exciting to see my team do so well. Especially since Pujols left us. People thought we wouldn't be as great. But look as us now. We're up 2 games to 1 in the NLDS against the team with the most wins in the regular season. Carpenter is fresh off his surgery and pitching shutout games. Wainright is back in our rotation this season. Did anyone else feel nostalgic watching Yadi run up to Waino on timeouts. That's the exact picture of the final out of the World Series in 2006 when he was our closer. Garcia was pulled early in game 2, but no worries. Lance Lynn took over and did well. Our bullpen is reliable. Our offense is amazing. Chris Carpenter was a foot short of knocking a solo hr in game 3.  Freese had 2 standup doubles and is still reliable at the plate. Kozma hitting a 3-run homer today. Nice to have a solid shortstop. Beltran knocking 2 HRs in game 2. What a great pickup he was last off season. Sorry Berkman couldn't stick around long enough for the after party. I am excited to see how far Matheny can take this team.

I just hope I can afford it all this year!

Go Cards!